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Are you trading or chasing for trading

Do you have a small account? Are you limiting your earnings owing to small bank account? You require money and big accounts in order to make money! Isn’t? Beginning your career as a trader with a small account will prove to be fruitful for you in the future. Wondering how? Let us unfold. Start with [...]
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2021: Discover consistency in Trading

Are you able to measure your results? If you are not able to measure your outputs in trading then you can never step in the ladder of success. One of the most vital factors that will make you a successful trader in stock market is documenting your trade. Yes, you heard it right. Documentation of [...]
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Stock Trading: Profession or a hobby

For the past one and half years, world is witnessing times of crisis owing to the outbreak of the pandemic. The life has come to a stand still and has just stopped functioning. Further, all the sectors are suffering from the setback and has not yet recovered through completely. Many retail traders have stepped in [...]
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